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Thread: To all you Coaches!!

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    Default To all you Coaches!!

    I know that all that view this site have at least 10 years experience in the coaching ring. Thats why I am asking you guys this question.

    What do we need to do to win this first game and how will it turn out?

    My opinion: Defense will win this game. As long as our offense doesnt turn the ball over. The defense must tackle this running back and keep them from getting first downs. If Albanys OL handles us up front we could be in trouble.

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    My 10 years of coaching has been all t-ball and baseball, so I'm only semi-qualified to answer

    We need to come out at least even on turnovers, and have our d-line be disruptive enough to give our LB's some clean shots. I like the speed we have (on paper), just ready to see it take shape at game speed on game day.
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    Yep. My nightmare is having several turnovers on our side and then watching the other team play keep away with a run oriented offense to shorten the game.
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    No turnovers on offense and shut down their running game. If we can do both of those things we win. Simple. Right?
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    To win, we will need to score more points than they do.

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    My nightmare is overpursue armtackling. THE KEY our "D" needs to be new and improved. Stop the run for 2-3 plays then let their QB pass for 3rd and long will not cut it. Every play focused and ready to put a hurting on someone in darn purple.

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    You know what...we just need to show up.

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    win turnover margin and eliminate third down conversions
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    I ain't got a clue except we need to be better that them. We need to desperately win this one. We need to start on a winning note and build confidence.

    And the freshman receivers need to come through.

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    I took a look at Albany's roster, and who they think their starters are going to be. From the looks of it, I'd say we'll match up pretty good with them. They aren't huge on the OL like they were last season. They're OL seems to be in the 275 to 285 range. We'll counter with some DL guys in the 290-300 range with lots of speedy LB filling gaps.

    We will outweigh them quite a bit when we're on offense. Their LB are pretty big, but I'm not sure about their overall speed.

    Word is that we're attacking on D like at the Furman game. If we can contain the line of scrimmage and keep their RB honest, we can force them out of their game plan a bit and make them throw the ball. We've got to play good third down D this season. If we do, some really good things can happen.


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