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Thread: 2020 PAC / GATA Row Tailgate Changes

  1. Default 2020 PAC / GATA Row Tailgate Changes

    Hi everyone,

    We have had a couple of people reach out about 2020 so we wanted to get the word out about current tailgating / game day regulations and how we are planning to handle our tailgates for the 2020 season. Last year we sometimes had a few hundred people around the PAC so with GS's announcement today we wanted to let people know what we are doing.

    We're still planning on keeping the tailgating tradition alive. However, we will be doing so in accordance with the following procedures set by Georgia Southern University. The school says, "As it currently stands, tailgating will still be allowed in university parking lots. Please limit groups to no more than 10 individuals at a tent at one time and fans are strongly encouraged to wear facial coverings when leaving their tailgating areas and when social distancing is not possible."

    GATA Row / GATA Tailgate 2020 at the GSU Performing Arts Center:

    1. We will NOT be throwing our huge tailgates as usual this season at the Performing Arts Center. Please do not come to the PAC and expect a "block party" style tailgate like previous years, as it will not be happening.

    2. This season, we will be splitting our big, combined tailgates into smaller, individual tents with just a few people each. We will be socially distanced from others and wearing masks.

    3. For those who are typically a part of our game day experience at the PAC, we ask you to bring your own tailgate items (tents, chairs, etc) and set up on your own in a manner that accomplishes proper social distancing. We feel like there is ample amount of room in the grass around us to tailgate and tailgate safely. The sidewalk and grass along Chandler Road has a lot of room.

    4. Since there is no Eagle Walk this season, we are lucky to have so much space on the PAC sidewalk along Chandler Road to watch the iconic Yellow Buses drive by on their way to Paulson Stadium before the game. All fans are of course welcome to come join for that, but please wear a mask and be safe.

    Thanks everyone and GATA!

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    Yall are doing it right!

    as usual
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