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Thread: Option Offense

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    Quote Originally Posted by GATA2020 View Post
    All this talk about completely changing our offensive scheme is ridiculous when WE RECRUIT TO FIT OUR SCHEME.
    Yes. However, this offense has been pretty stinky for four straight years (well, 2018 was probably average, not stinky).

    I don’t blame fans for second-guessing our approach over the last four seasons.
    Thanks, Rastabot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    Because not flexbone.
    That would certainly be a great reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PonteVedraFan View Post
    That would certainly be a great reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by GATAlac El Dorado View Post
    This is the biggest disconnect every time this debate comes up.

    Someone says “The flex would continue to work well consistently at GS” and everyone hears “The flex is infallible and is the only way to win here or anywhere”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard even the most ardent flexboner suggest that.
    You were saying?

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    The only way we could do an overhaul is with a new head coach. Lunsford wouldn't survive an offensive overhaul that starts in year 3. Our hope for right now is to either retain the current staff and have some serious soul searching about making changes in what they do or bring in a new offensive staff that can utilize our current roster. Which I believe could be another Shotgun option approach, flexbone, or a "what everybody else does" offense that utilizes IZ reads and is more of a 65-35 run/pass ratio with Tomlin at QB.
    Quote Originally Posted by NO_QUARTER View Post
    I actually considered getting into a debate with Half one time (on something unimportant). But then chickened out because I knew my a$$ was about to get handed to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gsuwinsudont View Post
    You owe me 5 dollars a “binky” mention.
    Quote Originally Posted by StanMolsonMan View Post
    Because.... We're idiots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pike51 View Post
    Six dollars for you....

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    Our offense begs the question why. If the positives out way the negatives no change is needed. The positives give leverage and gives defenses little time to prepare and could be the single greatest reason for GS's historic rise to competitive prominence. The defense suffers because of it. Erk Russel, Tracy Ham, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hill, Jason Foster, just to name a tiny few would have been great no matter what offense we ran. Jason Foster proved that. Jerrick and Matt YA THINK? For me it's about the availability of coaching and athletic talent and the opportunity that is provided them when they're done here. From a coaching standpoint we're good. But it's not about the coaches. There is no shortage of athletic talent certainly as it relates to our peers. App is driving a nail in this mindset. If we're doing everything we can to promote our players the crap sandwiches of having our unique approach to success fail would taste less crappy and I would argue the pitch forks would be left in the barn so soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSCBBA1987 View Post
    We all need to just stop bringing up the service academies in this conversation about GS offense. It is not an accurate comparison. We are on a totally different plain than those programs in so many ways that it just does not translate
    How is that?

    Is it because their student athlets have to serve in the service for at least 4 years after graduation and ours dont?

    The Academies are at a disadvantage at recruiting and yet they win!
    GSU Spread Option FOOTBALL - out weighed, but never outplayed
    The T-Option is the powerful ground game ever devised & the FLEX is the best way to run it.
    If I want your opinion & don't like it I'll tell you what it should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pike51 View Post
    I just find it interesting we threw more out of flexbone than shotgun option... you'd think being in the gun would correlate to increased passing. Granted this was just total yards and not attempts but I think it speaks to my point.

    What I also notice is we need to find a true dual QB... like Shaw.
    Yep, Pike51. That's what I don't get about this offensive scheme we're running. If you're gonna line up in a shotgun or pistol scheme how come you don't have a productive pass game to use out of it.? Why aren't we moving the chains and scoring touchdowns through the air if we aren't gonna line up under center and hit the los quickly enough to do some damage on each play?

    Those successful pass plays we saw work against Troy, where have they been? We gotta have a game plan that beats linebackers and safeties all game long if the D coordinator's gonna commit 'em to run support either inside or outside. Why aren't we seeing this? 1 dimensional offenses aren't gonna win you many football games against teams that are at your talent level or above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcountry View Post
    Its beautiful when it works.

    Looks like steaming hot garbage when it is done without perfect execution.
    Same could be said about the flex many times through our history.

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