I've been a fan since 1986. Followed, watched, or attended just about every game since then. This is the strangest season I can remember. I'm not making the case that we don't have some serious issues with this years team, that most likely will not/can not be fixed this season. With that said, the 3 losses we have are:

1) current #2 team in nation (undefeated). Not competitive at all, but watching LSU this season and us this season, that is now more understandable.
2) current #17 team in the nation (undefeated). A GAME WHICH WE SHOULD HAVE WON.....with our back up QB, no WKIII, and banged up oline.
3) a good ULL team which has only loss to the current #21 team in nation (APP). But surprisingly we had no run defense.

In addition, the Coastal Carolina team we just beat won against Kansas earlier this season in a game which they held Kansas to 7 points. This past weekend Kansas lost to #15 Texas on a last second FG and scored 48 points on Texas (They could only score 7 vs. Coastal). By the way, Coastal scored 62 vs. Umass and scored 37 vs. APP.

I honestly don't know what to expect each week this season from our team, except struggles on offense (still hoping this changes somehow).