Here is my breakdown of our conference opponents based on what I've seen so far:

UL-L. Look pretty good, and I figured they would be. The good news is that the game is at home and they are a running team and aren't that strong on defense.

@South Alabama - Was impressed by what they did versus Nebraska, in the second and third games, not as much so. They are also running it more than they have been (that's good). Feel a lot better about playing these guys on a short week.

Coastal Carolina - This team is looking pretty good so far, glad they are at home. I will wait to see if they can blow out a bad UMass on the road before passing judgement.

@App State - Looks like they've kept a good bit of their running game in place (and are still getting explosive plays) and added a dink-and-dunk passing game. They have definitely regressed on defense. They are not what they were last year, though it's Boone on a short week.

@Troy - Maybe the most worrisome offense for us of the entire conference. Kaleb Barker threw it all over a USM D that's supposed to be good. At least they look to have fallen off on defense some.

ULM - FSU game aside, I don't think these guys are that great. Their offensive scheme will still be a problem, but thank goodness Marcus Green and RJ Turner are gone.

@Ark State - I think Blake Anderson has himself a more competent offensive staff this time around. They will not stop us, though, unless we stop them.

Georgia State - Their whole offense is Ellington, their defense is still bad. A team we should still beat.

I'm thinking 2 or 3 losses in conference.