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Thread: Minnesota Gophers, who's going?

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    Section 103 Row 1. Me +1.

    Gonna check out Brit's Pub the night before and see if we can get a little rowdy. Hopefully we can take one over like we did at Wofford several years ago. That was epic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLEagle09 View Post
    My Dad's family is all Iowa. We are staying in Iowa on Friday night, but will be in Minneapolis early Saturday morning. It will be my dad, my cousin, my uncle, and my Aunt (All with eagle gear purchased from Southern Exchange). We are staying Downtown but are looking to tailgate before the game. I saw that there is not an official day of True Blue tailgate, but is there anything unofficial? East River Flats? I was trying to see where that was located.

    Look forward to seeing everyone there.
    Type East River Flats Park into google maps and it will come up. $10/vehicle, all grass, right on the Mississippi River and less than a mile from the stadium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefeagle View Post
    Leaving thurday noon from Sav. Staying at the Marriott Courtyard next to mall of America . Friday moving over to the Graduate Hotel on campus next to the stadium. Wild wings located within the block. Could be a good place for an eagle gathering. Safe travels everyone.
    leaving Thursday at 3
    Also staying at Mall Marriott
    JW Marriott using some points

    me +2
    Once poked Chad Lunsford in the eye.

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    THE REAL TAILGATING PARTY IS #37.... You can't go wrong there, It will be fun and loud. You will have ZERO problems with your Georgia Southern Flags, Tents or whatever you bring. $10 or $20 I can't remember... Very easy to get to.

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