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Thread: Season Predictions....

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    After seeing what we got, what do y'all think the rest of the season will look like?

    (Assuming we get Werts back at 100%, and Kennedy cracks a book or two.).

    Let's assume Shai returns in game four, and kennedy in game five.....

    I think maybe 6 wins. Maybe.

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    5 wins: Maine, Louisiana , So Ala, NM State and GaState. Maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGBIRD73 View Post
    5 wins: Maine, Louisiana , So Ala, NM State and GaState. Maybe.
    I think a LOT depends on the defense.

    The defense did start to look much better in the second half, but we weren't exactly playing LSU again.

    I have no idea what happened to our D, but overall, they are far below where they were last season. I mean, even at the beginning of last season, they were amazing. Hung tight with Clemson all game. Played stout all season. Everyone was expecting hands-down the best defense in the Belt. They did start to look better toward the end, but spent way too much time getting burned by anything halfway tricky from those scrubs from up north.

    No one expected Werts to get injured or Kennedy to get suspended, but damn. That shouldnt affect defensive performance.

    Something happened to defense. Something very concerning.

    I'm hoping (praying) for 6 at this point. We have a lot of work to do.

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    7 wins

    same thing everyone else predicted

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    App looks vulnerable on D. Count that one as a toss up.

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    9-3, 8-4. Not time to panic folks.

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    1. If we don't compete with Minnesota it will be because we are still playing really sloppy. I'm not saying we won't be sloppy. I have no idea what to expect. The good news, though, is that Minnesota is much more run-oriented than LSU (now) and Maine. That will help. We can definitely win, but I don't think it's in the cards.

    2. None of the run-oriented teams in the conference scare me. I think we will beat ULL unless we have a day of offensive mistakes like we had a against Maine (and hopefully those will be cleaned up after 3 weeks of practice). The teams that aren't frequently sending 4 eligible guys downfield just won't be able to exploit our weakness at safety.

    3. ULM, Ark State, and Troy will definitely create problems for us. The good news is we've got ULM at home and Ark State. Troy is probably the most likely loss of all the conference games IMO.

    4. App is still running the ball around 60% of the time, and their passing game is dink and dunk. Will be a tough game, but we proved we could stop them last year and their defense has definitely fallen off some.

    5. NMSU will get their yards on us, but won't beat us at home.

    Disclaimer: If for some reason neither Werts or Tomlin is ready to go, all bets are off.
    "Follow the trendlines, not the headlines." -Steven Pinker (?)

    Regarding football Scheduling.

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    7-8 hopefully

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGBIRD73 View Post
    5 wins: Maine, Louisiana , So Ala, NM State and GaState. Maybe.
    I watched ULL after our game. If the GS team I watched against Maine plays the ULL team I saw play Liberty, IMO we are not winning that one.

    I need to see how we respond in Minnesota before I pass judgement on conference play.

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    Our ceiling this year is 6 wins.

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