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Thread: Vildor and Brinson

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    I agree with garns that Brinson might actually be better than Vildor.

    I saw him go one-on-one with Auburn's Darius Slayton on a go-route and get his arm in the way to prevent a pass. I saw him handle his guy in the Clemson game. And I saw where people tried to blame Brinson for the big pass play that set up App's first touchdown in this year's game, but that wasn't getting beat as much as it was some apparent confusion between him and Josh Moon about what the two were doing (it could've been his fault, but I don't know how anyone could know that).

    Love Vildor too, and the pick on the first drive against Clemson was a good job of anticipating the play. I also hope that he can improve on not over-running receivers like he did on that one play against Ark State and the back-to-back passes against Troy.

    Like blueballs, I don't spend a lot of time breaking down film and won't be getting a scouting job with the NFL and I'm just giving my opinions based on what I've watched...
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    Brinson will certainly be drafted. Could go as high as third round with a good combine or pro day.

    Vildor, however, is slightly better. Better tackler, better ball skills. I think Brinson is faster, but not by a significant margin.
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    IMO they are both better than Clifton Duck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EAGLEMAN View Post
    IMO they are both better than Clifton Duck.
    Yes I agree likewise, IMO both outperformed Duck in 2018 and Duck will get drafted. Hopefully both Vildor and Brinson will stick around for their senior year. May increase their chances in the NFL and will provide the opportunity for Cross, Birdsong and 3 star recruit Spaulding to develop nicely. Next year should be an outstanding year for our CBs.

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    So did Brinson declare or not? Hoping he didn’t.

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    And when is the deadline?

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    Jan. 14 Deadline for college players who are underclassmen to apply for special eligibility. A list of underclassmen who have been approved for entry into the 2019 NFL Draft will be sent to clubs on Jan. 18.
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