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Thread: GA State game experiences

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    Default GA State game experiences

    So....some plusses and minuses.

    View from my seating area (132) was fantastic. Never had to deal with any disrespectful state fans (actually.....not sure I even saw any). Parking (at the Gold Lot) was a breeze.

    Concessions were abysmal....not that the concessions at Paulson are world class, but this was terrible. I had to wait (and stare with the Evil Eye) for 15 min for a Coke Zero and a Mr Pibb. The service was terrible at every station I went to, with the exception of the Mediterranean catering truck. The quality of the food was mediocre....which, granted it is stadium food so mediocre was expected....and if the service was mediocre, I wouldn't have minded.....but the service was completely terrible. No food station had enough peoplle working it and those that were there didn't seem to know (worse.....they didn't much care) WTH they were doing.

    Our spirit was good. Loved the tomahawk chop in the second half. That was funny.

    Oh.....and beating the sh!t outta state was the best part.

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    Default Re: GA State game experiences

    The feeling was so artificial. They have a great band but refuse to let them play hardly ever. And when they do, the band is mic'ed through the PA. It just didn't feel like a college football game at all.

    The video board is abysmal too, just like we told them it was. Half of it doesn't even work.

    Concessions were....not good.

    Some of that is fixable but the environment is going to suffer if they continue to pipe in music incessantly like that.

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    Default Re: GA State game experiences

    Feels like a makeshift football stadium and probably will no matter what they do.
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    Default Re: GA State game experiences

    I must say that State administration and whoever runs the gameday operations has shown an extreme amount of petty on the video board and via the stadium announcer. I think it was at the beginning of the game they showed highlights of the last 3 years and boasted about the seniors beating the Eagles 3 years in a row. Then around halftime or during a timeout they showed only the goals against the Eagles and them celebrating in Soccer tournament. It's like State has no other achievements to show for themselves. Rubbing that **** in peoples faces in bound to turn wrong or ugly in regards for their fans and athletes. I am glad the team handed them the L today. Hoping the coming year we will be handing out more L's to them.

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    Default Re: GA State game experiences

    Oh and speaking about Turner Field.... there was a stench of raw sewage in parts of the stadium that was very noticeable, video board had a good bit of broken panels, a few urinals wouldn't flush, no concessions ANYWHERE near section 200-205, and some pipes were leaking water under the overhand in the 200-205 sections.

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    Default Re: GA State game experiences

    Quote Originally Posted by eaglewraith View Post
    The feeling was so artificial.
    This. It felt exactly like what it was. A completely stripped down baseball stadium with Georgia State logos pasted on a few things.

    As my friend put it, “it feels like I’m in a post-apocalyptic map on a video game.”

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    I like that last description.

    I remember the place being shut down by the fire marshal a while back because they had so many inop alarms, sprinklers and exits.

    Gag gets what they deserve. A dumpster fire in a dump.

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    Default Re: GA State game experiences

    Actually, the venue is pretty good. No track running around it. No tinker toy aluminum bleachers. A great get for them and surprisingly good to everyone in our group.

    Their game day operations should be an embarrassment to Charlie Cobb. It was not our first trip to State so they knew what was coming......but no concessions on that whole end of the stadium, no way out of the parking lot other than exit with no traffic police, and running out of food at the concession area closest to the GS end of the stadium. It was pretty much a cluster all the way around.
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    Default Re: GA State game experiences

    I agree with all of the previous posts. I had a great time because the Eagles dominated but I hated the constant piped in music. They are 2-10 and did not have many fans while playing in a huge stadium and yet, they felt the need to blare hype music which did not hype anyone. They are trying to convince themselves that they are a big time program but since they are not, their efforts to hype their team come across as fake, tired and false.
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    Default Re: GA State game experiences

    If we ever pipe in music in between EVERY play, I’ll tear my own ears off. I thought I’d lose my mind today.

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