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Thread: Cure Bowl Questions

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    Default Cure Bowl Questions

    1. Is there any scenario where we are bowl eligible and not the top-ranked G5 team where we don't get in the Cure Bowl?

    2. Which AAC team would you like to see us play if we go?

    Personally, if we were playing a top AAC team I wouldn't care who it is but as long as we are playing the 5th or 6th best team in that conference I would prefer to see someone like East Carolina or Cincinatti instead of someone like Temple or Tulane. Not sure I would want to play UCF when that would basically be a a home game for them, though I think the Cure Bowl will try to get them if at all possible.
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    Default Re: Cure Bowl Questions

    I would like to see how we would do against ECU. It seems like almost every year they knock off an ACC team during the regular season. I also would like to see if we could beat Tuberville's Bearcats.

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