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    Re: Spring Game- April 3 - FNL

    Haha! Donít take it so harshly. But in all reality, boomers need a little ribbing these days since theyíve been hating on millennials for the last decade or so. Millennials just kind of got tired...
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    Re: Spring Game- April 3 - FNL

    I donít see any issues with this. I think it could possibly be more well attended by locals and students. The spring game struggles in attendance if weather is hot. Are there really many people...
  3. Re: A look back at fan angst from the Monken years...

    Somehow people still think a coach who won the sunbelt his first year, then took UGA to overtime and won a bowl game the next year and ended with a 9 win season is trash.
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    Poll: Re: Flexbone Opinions

    I prefer the option from shotgun/pistol, but honestly if we went to a all out spread passing attack it would be okay if we won with it. But for tradition sake, Iíd prefer to stick with some type of...
  5. Re: We don't have to like the results to understand them

    I agree for the most part with the OP. 6-8 wins was what most people with any brains predicted.

    There were major inconsistencies throughout the season, which was the hardest thing to watch...but...
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    Re: #good2great in 2020?

    We were having tryouts for walk-ons in mid October because our injuries were out of hand on O-line. It was very bad.

    But also, I feel coaching is a major part of it. The perimeter blocking I saw...
  7. Re: Georgia Southern vs. Liberty University Cure Bowl 2019 Game Thread

    Agreed. Itís an absolute mess. But yeah, 7 wins is basically what anyone with a brain predicted this year. Iím not that mad. Iím mad we lost to Liberty, but overall not super mad at the season.
  8. Re: Georgia Southern vs. Liberty University Cure Bowl 2019 Game Thread

    We looked very bad. Lunsford is safe, but I donít know how Debesse keeps his job. Play calling, blocking schemes, lack of creativity, etc. all look so bad
  9. Re: Georgia Southern vs. Liberty University Cure Bowl 2019 Game Thread

    The half summed up:

    A lot of bad play calling, terrible blocking.

    People out here blaming Shai but these folks are ignoring the glaring problem of terrible blocking. Sometimes we get away...
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    Re: 2020 signing day

    You say that like itís a bad thing. I can respect that I guess, but all thatís doing is pushing more people to leave this site and go find their answers on twitter and reddit. If a commit is already...
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    Re: 2020 signing day

    Are there posts getting deleted by mods just because thereís a name in them? If the player has already signed what does it matter?
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    Re: GS v Liberty Predictions

    Bowl games a month after the regular season ends are always unpredictable in some ways.

    I think Southern wins this by 14-17 points.
    Our offense finally figured out how to play at the end of the...
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    Re: The Cure Bowl

    Anyone seen how the guys on the paint line are raising funds trying to get everyone there? They even started a go fund me to get everyone there. I saw this on twitter earlier today when big frank...
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    Re: Tyler Bass to the Senior Bowl

    Is Dylan Lewis (East Coweta) being recruited as a place kicker or a punter? He announced a while back heís committed to GS.
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    Re: Realistic Bowl Selection

    Id much prefer to look for them in Orlando.
  16. Re: Watched the Maine game... and then the Georgia State game

    Kennedy has made a big turn around for sure. Those first four games its almost like he was invisible out there.
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    Re: Missouri HC job

    People still hating on Fritz even years after all that audio came out and players came out and backed up that whole thing?
  18. Thread: JD King

    by blueisbest

    Re: JD King

    Iíll be surprised to see him get much PT with King, Wright and Greene ahead of him next year. Laroche hasnít done much this year in terms of running or blocking.
  19. Re: Why playing Georgia State on Thanksgiving weekend is dumb

    It comes down to whatís more important to you:

    Move to a different date: a larger crowd (hoping for 20,000+) for our secondary rivalry game


    Keeping it Thanksgiving weekend: you still...
  20. Re: What would you say are our biggest needs in recruiting?

    1. OL
    2. DL
    3. QB
    4. LBís

    Our secondary should be solid from last two years recruiting. Our need for athletic and fast running backs is real, but I think a good OL solves more than anything
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    Re: Southern vs State Score Prediction

    FCS Furman put up 42 points on you and almost beat you. Army is bad this year and still put up 300 yards rushing. What else ya got?

    Your immobile QB is about to get sacked 5 or more times this...
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    Re: Arkansas State Score Prediction

    People keep talking about whether or not the offense shows up being the determining factor. Thatís incorrect. Our offense has been fairly anemic all season. It all depends on defense and special...
  23. Re: [GAME THREAD] Football vs. ULM (November 16 - 3:00:00 PM)

    Thereís about 3 people in the nation who have any business returning kickoffs from inside the end zone. The way the rules have changed make kickoff returns pretty pointless now. I never understand a...
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    Re: Louisiana Monroe Score Prediction

    This is the facts people need to know. I knew Troy would probably beat us because of that. Yes, Troy ďstinks on defenseĒ but thatís mostly their pass defense. The run D has been solid. And also...
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    Re: Louisiana Monroe Score Prediction

    I actually think we win this game...If Vildor is back. Not by much though. It might be our last win on the season.

    Eagles 27
    Warhawks 24

    If Vildor is still out i think we lose this game....
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